Smart underwear that absorbs your period

All YooTime are washable, reusable and designed with latest technology to replace disposable pads and tampons or be worn with tampons and menstrual cups if you require extra protection. Only you know your flow!

They look and feel just like regular undies, but they work like *magic*

*4 layers protection

*machine washable

*upgraded innovative super slim fabric, no bulky layers anymore

*multiple optional styles, fashionable as well as functional

Every pair of YooTime is made with 4-layers protection that keeps you fresh, dry and protected, through even the heaviest of flows. 
  1. Inside Layer: anti-microbial and moisture wicking technology to control odor and keep you dry and feeling fresh
  2. Absorbent Layer: built-in super absorbent layer to holds 1 to 8 tampons worth of flow
  3. Waterproof Layer: a leak-resistant barrier to prevent any leakage
  4. Breathable and Strong Fabric: Cotton/Nylon/Bamboo wicks moisture, flattering cuts that fit comfortably but firmly to help prevent spills, and feel stylish


How do I use them?

  1. If you’re a newbie, try them on at home and experience how your YooTime work for you.
  2. Once you‘ve almost reached the capacity of the undies or the undies start to feel damp, that is your indicator to swap them for a fresh pair.
  3. If you want to change them less often, then wear with a menstrual cup or tampon so that the undies don’t hold as much blood over a given period of time.
  4. Now that you’re confident, you can wear your YooTime anywhere you like, just not in water, please!

Notice:Wash your YooTime before first time use to activate the technology of the gusset for maximum absorbency.